I have change frome 4 ads per hour to 10 ads per hour but i am getting paid for 4 ads only

i have changed 4 ads to 10 ads per day and i am getting paid for 4 ads only i tried changing to 5 also it did not work

Ads are not guaranteed. When you change it you’re just changing the maximum that can appear. So it’s going to depend on what device are you using, the region your end, and what advertisers are paying for you to see. Each ad can only be seen by an individual person a limited amount of times.

Believe it be you should start gradually seeing increases but again it’s not guaranteed. I sometimes wish we could actually change the minimum amount of ads that we see that way we’re guaranteed something. But that’s not an option, at least not yet. Maybe in the future they will add new ways to opt for more ads or types of interaction for additional opportunities for BAT

same for me, I also don’t get paid for most of the ads i browse in brave news. Have not been focussing on accruing ad data recently as brave seem to be struggling to pay accurately. Last month i got my BAT paid on the 18th, after they tried fobbing me off with something about updates or some-such. Now my accrued January payment is not resgistered on the browser, uphold or anywhere, so i guess we are just supposed to sit and wait to hope it gets paid at some point. I hope they sort themselves out soon because this is a good symbiotic project.

number of ads depends on your region
you may check it here: https://sampson.codes/brave/ads/my_region/

so even if you set it to max (say 10 ads per hour) but your region has lesser offerings then those ads setting can’t be followed… based on my testing using vpn, US region users can experience the fullest of the 10 ads max since they have more ads availability on their region… you can also check this: https://bravebat.info/brave_ads_campaigns
to check on ads campaigns per country…

@IanMoone Do be careful with that. Using VPN is allowed, but using it to access ads in other regions is a violation of Terms of Use and can get you suspended. So not only on you using to access ads in other regions, but especially to announce you’re doing it. You can read where I referenced that in a conversation and provided quote/link to show what I mean.

@Saoiray yeah I know, that is used in testing environment and the wallet used is not connected to uphold or any other custodians… the wallet is already discarded after testing so I did not get any ads reward with that… I was just curious on the actual ads a region can get… I can’t physically get to other regions so a vpn is the solution to testing it…

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