Slow delay before pages load, unusable

Description of the issue:
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Load Any page
  2. Throw computer out window
  3. Cry

Expected result:

Page loads within reasonable time

Brave Version( check About Brave):


Additional Information:

All of a sudden about a week or two ago, everything in Brave is insanely slow. There is a 1-5+ second delay where a page will be “waiting…” but nothing happens, then all of a sudden it is instantly loaded.

This extends to anything in a web browser, leaving a common on Reddit isn’t instant, I see “submitting…” for 3-5 seconds, then bam it works. Opening a link, 2-5+ seconds “waiting for…”, even navigating on the same site clicking around same problem. Searching google, “waiting for google…” for 2-5+ seconds.

I’m on a 1GBit connection, with high end machine and 32gb of ram. I have tried manually disabling all extensions (I run very few), I’ve tried a new profile, and I tried using private mode. It still exists throughout this. I tried clearing all cache which of course didn’t help since private mode didn’t either.

I tried downloading the beta build, it happens there but not as frequently as far as I can tell with limited testing.

It does not happen what so ever in Chrome, everything is instant when I click it.

I work on the web all day and at this point I cannot continue to use Brave unless I can find a fix.

Maybe test in private window mode? What does Brave/tools/Task Manager show?

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