"sites which are always allowed to use cookies", trashing does not work

I posted this problem back in March and it is still the same. If you try to trash any of those listed websites, there is no action or result.

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The Brave Browser > Settings > Cookies brave://settings/cookies window says:

  • ‘Sites that can always use cookies’

In order to assist others who may want to read about your issue, please edit the title topic for your issue, changing your:

  • ‘websites which are always allowed to use cookies’


  • ‘Sites that can always use cookies’

Thank you.

Brave team knows about this problem, they will eventually solve it.

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The workaround is explained in many posts. Here is a summary for you:

  1. First; Open brave://settings/cookies
  2. Second open a second TAB: Type the url from the site under “Sites that can always use cookies”, and open its page; Toggle ON/OFF the orange Brave shield icon for that page.
  3. Check in brave://settings/cookies if the site disappeared. If necessary toggle again ON/OFF as above.


If not gone, you may have to delete the url in Preferences, but you have to be very careful! If you do try this, the first thing to begin with is to make a backup of the file Preferences. Hopefully, the steps above will resolve the issue.

Thx for that, but that is quiet some work, as there are so many sites to be deleted (either way, it works). But I think that really should taken care of by the programers

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If you have hundreds, then maybe it’s because an app you have installed.

Is there some way to confirm if this bug is on the Dev’s list? Would be good to know this bug is priority 1, even if there is no planned fix date.

100 comments, Priority 2, brave team knows about this issue.

Seems to be solved, check it.

Yes this issue should now be resolved with the update to version 1.42.86.

I’ve just deleted and stopped using Brave after 2 years waiting for this to be fixed and constant crashes too, I can’t take it anymore, literally a backlog of 3 different posts all closed on the forum without ever being fixed, so I don’t see it getting fixed anytime soon

I mean come on, not being able to control which websites always get access to your cookies on a privacy orientated browser ? Sounds like a bad joke (I don’t understand how it takes 2 years to make a trash button function?)

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I’m on Version 1.42.86 Chromium: 104.0.5112.81 (Official Build) (64-bit), still present, still not working

Can you share some example websites where you’re not allowed to clear the cookies from?

Here’s my current list of sites which cannot be deleted (i.e. bin icon does nothing). Using version v1.42.88 (Aug 6th, 2022).


embedded on www.toptechjobs.com


embedded on contractortalent.gr8people.eu

Including third-party cookies on this site

Including third-party cookies on this site

Including third-party cookies on this site

Including third-party cookies on this site


Including third-party cookies on this site


Including third-party cookies on this site

Including third-party cookies on this site

Including third-party cookies on this site


Including third-party cookies on this site

Thank you for the information. Passing this along to the team now for review.

@MrPassey additionally, were these cookies added/blocked by Shields, or were these manually added by you to the list?

I didn’t add them manually, so must have been added automatically by the shield.

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