Sites like YouTube and Duckduckgo no longer go to dark theme in Brave

The latest update of Brave solved my previous problem of not being able to save PDF file but the latest has a problem with YouTube Duckduckgo and some other sites where it no longer defaults to dark theme as it previously did. Yes my windows is set to dark and Brave is supposed to default to the Windows theme but it doesn’t. Even if I set Brave to dark it doesn’t . I’m using the most recent version of Windows 10 I only have a password manager extension and have cleared my cookies and cache. but nothing seems to work. For the last 3 or 4 updates there’s been various problems with Brave that prevents me from using it. It hasn’t been my default browser for months. I use another that will remain nameless because when I mention it my post gets censored. I still use it my Linux machine because I don’t update it until there is a properly working Windows version and no I don’t have security concerns with the older version because I do everything in my power not to rely on my browser to be my defense. Why does brave force updates that make it unusable when a slightly older version works perfectly? I should be able to be use a previous version untill the bugs are worked out.

Thank you for reaching out.

:point_up: This is not true – I can’t think of any reason your post would be censored due to mentioning another browser, people do it all the time.

The update fixed a ton of bugs and includes important security fixes. I don’t think that trading security for very minor features is advisable. Further, on my end, both DDG and Youtube display in dark mode if I set my browser to do so.

You may want to try clearing your cache/site data for the sites (use the lock icon in the address bar) and test again. Also note that YT and DDG should show up as dark themed when using a Private window as well, which would be a good thing for you to test.

Another consideration is whether or not you have any extensions installed at this time as they may be causing the conflict with the themes/sites.

To the person who said it’s not true that I got censored. Here’s a screen shot from a post where I simply voiced my frustration with Brave’s constant issues and said I was now using Ungoogled chrome.

As far as an update that solved the problem. When I check for an update it says I’m up to date and I still have the issue.

I would try creating a new profile and see if you have the same issue in the new profile.

Also, if you go to brave://flags , which options have been modified from defaults? The non-default ones will have a blue dot next to them and they should be sorted to the top:


The issue is caused by using strict fingerprinting protection, it’s related to the latest fingerprinting protection changes in Brave.

There are 2 solutions to your issue as of the moment:

  1. Use standard fingerprinting protection on both websites, something I advise against.
  2. Manually set websites’ theme to dark via their settings, the solution I suggest.
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While I do apologize, it states very clearly in the message you received that you were flagged by “Our automated spam filter”. The filter is not perfect and this will happen from time to time and more importantly, it was not the intention of anyone to “censor” you. Further, you just said the very thing you said would get you “censored” (Ungoogled Chrome) and nothing happened.

As for your actual issue, I would be interested to see if the issue is resolved by changing your Fingerprinting settings on both sites as @Rethanis suggests and see if this makes any difference.

Many people were facing that exact issue after the update and turning off Strict Fingerprinting fixed their issue!

Do try it out!

I understand OP’s issue this way:

  1. brave://settings/appearanceBrave colorsDark.
  2. theme.
  3. OP’s theme is light rather than dark.

If OP is using strict fingerprinting protection, that’s the expected result since the latest changes.

P.S #1: As frustrating or annoying as it might be, there is a clear warning that using strict fingerprinting protection might break websites’ functionality.
P.S #2: @Mattches already explained the “censorship” part. In addition to his comment, it’s worth mentioning Ungoogled Chromium and Brave share patches with one another, thus it doesn’t make any sense someone from Brave to “censor” users talking about Ungoogled Chromium.

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Also, you can try and go to brave://flags/ and set Force Dark Mode for Web Contents to Enabled and relaunch. This works with strict fingerprinting protection on Youtube. I’m not sure about other sites though.

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