Sideload extension

I want to know if it’s possible (and how) i can sideload (with auto update), extension and do not use google web store.

On linux i think it’s more easy than Windows (pro) but i would like to have these (with the update url) to update them from git and not from Google store.

(I do not want people to explain me why google store is better thanks).

You put all 3 OSes, Win, Mac, and Linux, in the tags; which are you most interested in?

I ask because most likely it will involve some custom scripting to download the extensions in the first place. And, not all of them will be on GitHub or any other Git repo either, so I think the auto-update part of this is infeasible unless you narrow the focus to some specific extensions.

But bottom line, I think CRXes are just Zips and there’s probably some combination of scripting and cmdline args you could use to get it done if you wanted to put the work in.

in my case i’m interested in the tree, i know it will certainly be easier on linux, than windows or mac.
if i had a feature request to do it’s add a private download extension store by brave with the fifty most installed extension on brave (like bitwarden and other like them).
To totally cut their tie with google.

‘the tree’ is the name of the extension? Do you have a link?

Btw, probably not hard to do on any of these OSes; I’d think on macOS or Linux you could do the downloading using Bash and some shell utilities; likewise on Windows you could likely use PowerShell with Invoke-WebRequest or similar. The tricky part will be making sure you know where to get updates from, and when they’re available.

Not sure what the state is of installing from CLI once you do get the extension; some of these threads may help, but could be out of date:

I may have been wrong about a CRX being a Zip already, but apparently you can repack them as Zips fairly easily. Some of that is referenced in those threads as well.

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