Side / Vertical Tabs

@sanctusmessor, me too, TreeStyleTab is great - sad I dont find anything close to the seemless work of TreeStyleTab here on Brave.

basically I enter Brave once in a while just to check if they made the vertical tabs already - “still no vert tabs? ok, will wait one more month till the next check”


Definitely! But the way Edge has it - that is with address bar merged with the title bar. Otherwise it would miss the point.

I don’t see that Firefox is doing this. Have they announced something about it? To the best of my knowledge there are only two browsers that have it, and that’s Edge and Vivaldi.

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If you have Firefox, you’ll notice a feature you have to move to toolbar, side panel. It allows you to see bookmarks, synced tabs and history, but you need to the saidebey add-on to include your actual tabs. You can switch it to right or left side of window. Sadly, there’s no equivalent on chromium. It’s be a nice move to implement such a feature in the now gone “reading list”.

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Hmm, I hope FF actually does it. Not that I would leave Brave, but it’s high time that vertical tabs becomes a standard, expected feature for modern browsers. So, the more that jump on the trend, the more the others will have to take notice.


I’d like to point out that Brave basically already has this built-in/developed. So we aren’t asking for much at this point, they have most of the work done!

That little downarrow next to the minimize button if you have ‘show tab search’ enabled under the brave->appearance settings.

Just need to:

  1. make the tab search window dockable in the sidebar(or as a second sidebar) just add a pin button on the window to do so
  2. shrink the size of the padding between items
  3. remove the url + tab time and make them show in a tooltip instead
  4. sort by default as actual tab order(so groups stay intact)
  5. if you want provide a button for other sorts, like by group->time or group->title etc
  6. move the recently closed list to a button next to the search so we dont have to scroll 500 items to get to it
  7. reclaim/hide current title bar where tabs show and move min/max buttons down/

thanks brave staff <3 you!

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Can you not disable the horizontal tabs with userchrome?

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Well, maybe. I don’t know css or anything, and that’s kind of the point. A user shouldn’t have to play pretend programmer to do this. It should be a simple toggle.

It’s a pretty simple addition, there are guides everywhere for it. I am not sure if it works on Brave, but it usually does on any chromium browser

Side/vertical tabs is in the works. They just mentioned it today. It’s actually possible in Nightly I believe. The Github for it is

You’ll have to go to brave://flags and then enable it. The shortcut to it is brave://flags/#brave-vertical-tabs

Again, that’s on Nightly for now.

@EastonCo @Fuller1754 @WHiZSTA @VAPG1974 @Rutyj5fGU6t @nedko

Curious to hear what all of you think, if you do decide to use Nightly to check it out.

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First, I’m glad Brave is actually doing this, so thank you! Vertical tabs is off to a good start. The tab drag animation is good. Dragging a tab out of and into a window works very nicely too.

Tab grouping works, but still has a lot of rough spots. Tabs within a group are not indicated by any highlighting or any other visual cue unless the tab is selected. Collapsing a tab produces some weirdness. I’m sure you guys are aware of all of this. Edge has done a great job on this and could serve as inspiration.

Quick suggestions: 1) Tab pinning will need improvement. Some visual cue that a tab is pinned. 2) The empty space on light theme is pure white, which doesn’t always work well. 3) The new tab button could use refinement. These are just some basic observations that you are probably already thinking about. Keep up the good work!


Tab hover cards are always annoying, but with vertical tabs it’s even worse because when they pop up, they cover up the tabs below.

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It id not work for me since “Search Tabs” has been my de facto vertical tabs, besides being on the right side of my screen.

If Reading List side bar could be used for bookmarks and tabs as well, that would make for a huge improvement in my never humble opinion, besides choosing which side of your window will pop up.

But that’s my opinion.

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Hi. Well, I totally agree with Fuller1754’s comments. Also…

I think the top bar (red circle) is wasted space. At the same time, all the options (green circle) should be in the same bar, to gain that extra space. However, I guess it’s something the team intend to do somehow.

Very thankful this is in the works.

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For those interested, this feature can now be tested in Nightly by enabling vertical tabs via brave://flags:

Please note that this feature is a work in progress and still has a while to go before the feature is finalized. Please leave any feedback/suggestions on the feature in #feedback:browser-feedback


Yeah. As you can see, Microsoft has figured out how to do it well.

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Have you checked on Vivaldi browser? You can place the tab bar on top, bottom, left or right. Firefox comes with a side bar as well.