Shortcut to switch between windows

I personally use the private window, tor window, and normal window all at the same time and would like someway to swap between them using keyboard shortcuts.

This type of function is generally specific to the OS you’re using. For example, on macOS, if I have standard, private and private w/tor Brave windows open, I can use cmd + ~ to swap between the different windows. On Windows/Linux OS, you would likely use Alt + tab to do this.

Yes but regardless of platform you’re switching between any window that you have open. I’d like the option to only switch between Brave windows.

Hi, I tried using the shortcut between 2 normal windows on Mac but it is not working what do I do?

This would be really nice, I often have multiple windows with multiple tabs in each for different tasks when I am working.
It does not work with cmd + ~ for me, I do not use an English keyboard

edit: I am using a Mac

Yes, this feature is almost a must for me. Especially on large screens which allow you to multitask between 2+ windows it’s necessary to be able to switch between them via shortcut to keep up the workflow I’m used to and to not lose productivity. For macOS the default would be cmd + ~.