Keyboard shortcut to switch between profiles

Profiles are one of the things I love the most about Brave– and I have a lot of them.

It would be super handy to have a keyboard shortcut to open and quickly choose an existing profile– something similar “command + tab” allows you to switch apps on a mac.

@ptr Definitely something I think I’ve heard mentioned before and would be nice to see. That said, I would like to make sure you’re aware that there is a shortcut to the Profile menu.

Windows: Open Profile menu Ctrl + Shift + m

Mac Open Profile menu ⌘ + Shift + m

I just created a second profile and tested. To switch between the two, I just hit Ctrl + Shift + m and then immediately hit Enter and it switched to my other profile. If I had more than one profile, might have to hit up or down to toggle between profile names.

How does that work compared to what you’re requesting?

Hey @Saoiray, thanks for your response! Yeah, I’ve been using the ⌘ + Shift + m shortcut but it doesn’t feel as fluid/easy as app switching on a mac where the options appear right in front of you and you can then use the same keys (command + tab) to select the app.

I don’t usually make feature requests but I switch profiles sooo much that it would really elevate the user experience for me. :slight_smile: