Short Payment for 3 months now

I didn’t recieve mine too it’s been tree months in a row being paid short amount …last month it was 1.6 then this month I got 0.3 out of 10.9 BAT
This is ridiculous please can you assist

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I already lost hope in Brave :sleepy:

I think this suppose to be for Native Images Ads. Do you have verified Uphold account and connected to your Brave Reward wallet?

Yae it is connected and verified

I have this same issue. I will be a year user in September. I use the Nightly build.The math is off a little always, and I have never received any from mobile, but my PC browser July awards:

Prior to payout:

At this very moment:

My Uphold:

What I find strange is the requirement to have a minimum 25 BAT to verify via Uphold.

They market terribly. They had the referral link fiasco simply because they didn’t state the real world, “Heck yes, we’re gonna have skin in this - we’ve got bills - we need paid livelihoods.”

Of course, the conspiracy theorist who blew the whistle for some reason couldn’t naturally conclude this since aside from the conspiracy theorist issue, the whistle blower was also greedy and selfish and just really enjoyed saying, “Neener, neener.”

Anywho, yeah. My payout went big, little, so maybe you’ll be opposite.

I definitely suggest you post to the monthly payout thread.

This community has guidelines.

It welcomes you on the homepage.

When you create a topic, your first two posts will suggest posts/threads that exist to which you could possibly submit.

Rogue posts most likely won’t be responded to since they do ask you to post with the same-issue folks.

Besides, there is strength in aggregated responses. It draws attention.

I hope we all get resolution.

Here. Posting here will help both you and Brave employees.

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