Rewards not payout out for 3 months

My rewards are not paid out in uphold since last 3 months, for f*** sake please payout that reward…


Please DM the email linked to your account and I can take a look.


Done sir, please check DM

You’re still active but I’m sending messages why don’t you reply me?

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what messages? what are you talking about??

There is no reply or even any payout

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You just 3 month not get payout from brave, I use bat every day not get reward 6 or 7 month bro, admin can help you, but now back no ads again😅,
my brave is new version, already update every have new version

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Yes, I think. you can use other browser for get money

@Yovey that’s true, all this time spent must bring us a return. Let’s hope things are sorted out.

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I’m from Slovakia and I have similar issue. As IT developer guy I am using Brave from the beginning since 2017 (always updated to the latest version) and added into my wallet 280 Bats. I have enabled auto-contributions 5$ per month and my ads rewards (+ promotions) were around 4-12$ per month. Obviously I’m using 5 ads per hour.

Since syncing feature I am using Brave on three devices: Brave laptop at work, and Brave in my android smartphone. My rewards dropped to 0-3 BATs. Few months ago I had permanently 0 rewards. I’ve also tried to migrate my Brawe wallet into Uphold account and my reward payment is unsuccessful. Last month I get 0.26 BAT and this month I have ZERO = 0 ads and reward is 0.05 BAT :slight_smile:

2020-11-02 12_07_06-Rewards - Brave

Something is wrong in this reward system.

It’s not just that you don’t get paid anymore, it’s also that despite spending on payments to advertisers, you don’t get paid for them and you don’t get paid for them anymore.

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