BRAVE Ads PAYOUT NOT RECEIVED | [Please Look after this Community members]!


Sorry for tagging without prior intimation sir’s !!

  1. OS - Windows 8.1

  2. Uphold Wallet created: 09/13/2019

  3. I have received my first payout in last month on Sun, Jul 12, 11:53 AM & this is application is regarding Third payment

  4. Yes. I have a verified wallet. My Brave Rewards wallet connected to a verified

  5. with 2 devices. A.) Laptop B.) Desktop but not to any (Brave-Beta, Brave-Dev and Brave-Nightly versions)

  6. Yes my wallet has ID verified using an ID proof of my country INDIA.

  7. Pleased to meet you ma’am/sir,

                     Before 3 Days i had got my BAT's sync to my uphold account and i had done my transcation regarding my laptop brave collection of 24.7 BAT's and it was successful.

But the problem is My desktop too have 23 BAT’s to get paid this AUGUST 6th but till now i did’nt get paid like my laptop got paid and ma’am/sir payment date: AUGUST 6th got changed to Septmeber 6th WITHOUT any payment.

Note: My ScreenShot is showing 25 and I declared 23 BAT’s on my desktop because 2 BAT’s i have got today on my payment date hope this 2 BAT’s will be on my next payment(September 6th)

Thanking you Ma’am/sir,

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Same problem! How do I receive my bat, I see steeven has announced that verified wallet payment is complete. Last month I received my payout for June ad earnings but this month is nothing!

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@jokervulinh Yeah bro !! I’m literally in shock. I did promoted BRAVE browser to all but if this happens. No one are going to be happy with. Let see but community team are doing there best in this. Let them do their job and get our job too done. :slight_smile:


@KarraRevanth Having the same problem, payment is still pending from the month of August, it’s now 5 days since our payout… They are not responding with this

I have the same problem, only receiving payment from my Laptop, but not from my two Desktops.

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