Shields needs an option to block the JW Player that follows as you scroll

You know those JW Player video overlays that minimize to the right edge of a webpage and follow along as you scroll down the page, like one one on this page?

Brave needs an option to hide those.

Each site would have it’s own “scroll down” implementation, Blocking JW player is easy, but would cause some false positives. We have blocked other video/playlists, JW is used for some legit videos

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Thanks for the 411. Your reply makes this another argument in favor of a previous feature request: When will Shields include finer-grain controls?

In Chrome, I use Ghostery, and I’m able to customize what gets blocked. I don’t see JW Player at all on this page in Chrome because I can control which elements get blocked where.

Adding this: ##.sticky-player-background into brave://adblock (example)

Which fixes tomsguide/tomshardware. but won’t be applicable to other sites

I think you may have replied in the wrong thread @fanboynz. Nobody mentioned Tom’s Guide here, and your suggestion doesn’t fix what I reported. :slight_smile:

It was an example, since toms uses a video player as you scroll.

Go to brave://adblock/ scroll down to Custom Filters and copy/paste the following: