Pornhub Playlists page is broken with Shields ON(Can't edit, remove/reorder videos and scrolling doesnt work)

Pornhub Playlists page is broken with Shields being turned ON(Can’t edit, remove/reorder videos and scrolling doesnt work)

if there are 300 videos in a playlist, i can see only less than 50, it used to auto scroll as i scroll down, but now its not working with shields turned on

it works normally with shields off.
please fix this in next update. thanks


@xdph I’m moving this over to #support-and-troubleshooting:web-compatibility since this is just one site.

Can you do a favor and confirm which version of Brave and Windows you’re using?

Latest version, and 8.1

Okay, cool. So had that as a starting point, but I did fail to ask something I should have at the same time. What are your Shield settings? I’m assuming you don’t have Block Scripts enabled, but if you do then make sure to turn that off.

Also, if you open a Private window and go to it, does it have the same issue? (basically, asking you to test this to see if maybe an extension is causing issues)

Lastly, if you go to your hamburger menu (three lines on top right) and Create a new profile, then go to visit in the new profile, does the same issue occur?

If you check all of that and nothing changes, then will see about getting someone from Brave in to help if possible. But want to get the basic info and troubleshooting out of the way here.

Could this be why my Android phone has not had a single ad arrive for almost a whole year if not more?

Scripts has not been blocked.

this is a problem with shields as site tends to work properly with Shields being OFF.

Eventually, I fixed the issue by myself.

The Problem is caused by filters list

So it seems like “Frellwit’s Filter list” has been breaking the site, i unchecked and clicked on “Save changes”

Everything works fine now.

I Suggest Brave developers to review these lists again and only keep the Best ones… There are just too many lists listed here. Hope this list gets filtered even further in the future.

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Based and porn-pilled

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Are you posting comments just to show your presence? What does your comment has to offer for the posted query ?

Don’t spam on topics which are already solved.

@xdph One thing I will say is they advise that using too many filters can slow down your browsing significantly but also can cause issues, such as you had.

Primarily the suggestions over time is just to use Fanboy Annoyances List and uBlock Annoyances List. Just those two usually handle most ads and issues. Many of the other filter lists are for other countries.

Frellwit’s Filter list is for Swedish regional ads.

YousList is for Korean regional ads.

The list goes on. So you’re sitting there activating things that I’m assuming you never need. I mean, unless you’re frequently in Germany, China, Thailand, Sweden, Korea, and other countries and browsing their sites with their web domains.

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Got it.

Now I’ve activated only 6 and will keep it in this way.

Thanks for clarification.

you don’t need to say what i should and Shouldn’t do.

If you don’t like/watch porn(hub) then it’s fine, don’t shout about it everywhere.

I kindly request site staffs to implement a system where a topic gets automatically locked after it has received a solution.

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