A cool new feature( Shield) I would like to see

I think a new feature( Shield) that should be considered is. A shield that blocks videos from following you as you scroll down and preventing the little video box at the bottom. You know how you load a website with a video and it automatically plays at the top of the page. And as you scroll down the video like followers you and the video ends up at the bottom usually in the square box and it keeps moving up and down as you scroll. A feature like this I would think would be categorized as anti frustration. It would be useful for the user experience and sharper UI. It would make small screens look and feel bigger. It would improve the browsing experience over all. It might even save data that’s loaded and security issues might benefit. I think a feature( Shield) like this would be perfect for a browser like Brave and should be a option. Brave protects you against trackers, security and some anti frustraftion and privacy. So I would think a feature(Shield) would fit right in. I really hope this finds the right people and you really concealer it in Brave soon.

It’s probably a good idea if it can work reliably across various web sites, and has been discussed in other forums.


I would have to totally agree

If you want more votes for this feature, change the title to something meaningful, like “Block floating embedded video”. If everyone simply writes “cool feature” then no one will have time to click on each post to see what the real subject is.