Shields is almost broken to my laptop client

Here’s my big problem, the ad blocking Shields is almost broken by showing me ads without the ad video itself. And this only happens before I watch the video. And it keeps doing it two. So annoying. Please fix the error

Is this on youtube I take it @KWFan969 ?

Yes, but on my laptop

Although the ad blocking system is fine, but not for youtube. It exposes the ad’s name and timer when the ad is blocked by brave shields on YT

Can you add the following into brave://adblock, [].playerResponse.adPlacements [].playerResponse.playerAds [].playerResponse.adSlots playerResponse.adPlacements playerResponse.playerAds playerResponse.adSlots adPlacements playerAds adSlots, , propsToMatch, url:player?key=)

Save and reload youtube?

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