Settings question and help

I was looking in Brave settings and I am a little confused about what settings give me the best protection and security. Auto-Rediret AMP Pages should the be checked on or off? Also the setting Auto-Rediret Tricking URLs should that be checked on or off?

@Cuse165 perhaps What are the best settings for Shields? might help you.

AMP pages are seen as “bad” because they are controlled by Google, basically. There’s a big long discussion to be had on it, but overall just not good for privacy. So enabling to auto-redirect pages, it makes sure pages go to what was created by the website provider and not to something on Google’s servers.

Tracking URLs are kind of self explanatory. If you don’t auto-redirect, then it’s easier to track you across websites as you click on links.

Fingerprinting based on language is again privacy, trying to limit what they can see and make it harder to follow what you do online.

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