Brave Shields privacy and security question

Here are my current shields settings:

Shields Enabled with the following options->

+Allow All Ads and Trackers
+Enabled Connections upgraded to https
+All Scripts Allowed
+All Cookies Allowed
+Enabled Standard Fingerprinting Blocking

My reasoning: I want to enable ads (not just first party) but mitigate persistent tracking in between browsing sessions. (I allow all cookies but I configured Brave to clear cookies on browser exit. I also BELIVE that Brave’s fingerprinting protection might make it a bit harder for trackers to remember me once I a start a new session)

My question: I know these settings negate most of Brave’s privacy protection. But do they also negate security? For example: Am I exposed to malicious cryptominers with these settings? Or are Brave shields focused on privacy issues?

This is risky. If you deliberately allow any script to run, you can become vulnerable to malicious scripts as well.

Not changing the shield defaults, or changing Ads & Trackers = Aggressive offers the best protection against trackers, ads, popups, coin miners etc. I would avoid changing shield options from the above.


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You could add NoScript if you want Brave’s script blocking of, then you can control which scripts are allowed. That’s what I do.

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