Settings not saved browser start

  • Description of the issue: opening browser, type search in address bar, comes up, but all settings default, not saved from previous session
  • Brave Version (check About Brave): 91.0.4472.124 beta x64
  • Operating System: w10 pro x64

i tried even disable shield + site permission ad and pop-up allow + clear cookies for site, so it cannot be related (would not make sense anyway for browser to block own search site no matter what, this just for testing)

A reinstallation of the browser might be of some help.

If the problem still persists then please try making a small video clip for a better understanding.

i do not like re-installs for little issues as it often does nothing, no big deal i will sit it out, both are betas after all, everything else works fine

Thank you for reaching out.
Can you confirm for me that you do not have any data set to be cleared “on exit” in Settings --> History --> Clear browsing data --> [On exit]?

At this time I do not believe there is a way to clear (or not clear) specific cookie data in this way.

@artvds2708, can you elaborate on what issue you’re seeing? What settings are you changing? Do the changes remain as long as you don’t close the browser? Which version of Brave are you using, and on which Operating System (please include version as well)? Thanks!

I’m having the same issue. I’m in Canada and my search settings revert to default every time I log out. So I need to switch it to search for Canada or all locales or I receive U.S‐oriented results from my search. Case in point: I recently searched for a particular business near me. The top result search came back with was in Portland, OR. Im also tuning off the safe search feature each time as well. I which would be helpful if it stayed set the way i prefer. I do automatically clear all cookies on exit - but this has not been an issue with other search engines ever. I think they use location information to refine the search of I’m not mistaken? Does Brave not operate this way, and will it in the future? Any suggestions?


Version 1.26.74 / Windows 10

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the issue is gone here on nightly version, from what i remember i did exactly the same setup and order of doing things as well, first setting up all the brave search settings that i want and after that checking that the cookies are set, then whitelisting the search.brave cookie and disabling all cookies, closing browser and opening and the search has the settings that were set

on beta version, the whitelisting also works/stays, but the cookie or local storage does not stay/gets deleted on browser startup

ps so far the nightly is stable so i just will use that, really enjoy the search results, way less fluff than “el gog” and duck :wink:

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Same issue here. All search results are US-based when I am in Canada. Mac OS Big Sur v-11.4

Is there any workaround or update on this that does not involve reinstallation?

trying the stable version again, the issue still persists :face_with_monocle:

this is broken on all gecko based browsers btw from my experience, on chromium some work (yandex eg), some dont, so weird

bump, exact same issue still exists :rofl:

is any real human actually involved in developing this, what are you guys doing for yeeeears? :dragon_face: :ringer_planet: