Brave search don't save settings

Hi, what’s up? So, basically I’m Brazilian and I just can’t save the region or anything in settings…, Always when I close brave I need to set (Brazil, metric, dark mode).

Suggestion: If I search a restaurant I want to know if it’s open, closed, etc…

So, that’s all, thanks :blush:

PS: I’m using Brave Browser too…

The same issue as in the thread below:

Do you clear cookies on exit?

That’s strange, I tried now and the settings did persist after Brave quit and restart.
Cookies cleared or disabled entirely perhaps?

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Brave Search uses cookies to remember user’s preferences, so clearing cookies will restore the preferences to their default values.

Check whether you’re clearing Cookies and other site data on exit via brave://settings/clearBrowserDataOn exit.

Also check whether Clear cookies and site data when you close all windows is enabled here → brave://settings/cookies.


Yeah, cookies are deleted when I close the browser, I changed this and solved. Thanks :blush:

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