Settings help for new user

I am a firefox user and I want to try out brave… I know, I will run into things that are no longer “normal” for me and so I will ask questions. I hope that is fine…

First one: How do I set my homepage to what I want it to show, when I open brave?
I use a speed dial extension, that offers me my twenty most used websites to click to start…

Talking about extensions. I have imported data from my Firefox, and so far found the bookmarks, which is a good sign, but, f.e. my extensions… are gone? Except IDM integration. But the rest?

Thank you

You will find it on brave://settings/getStarted, and type URL in ‘Open a specific page or set of pages’.

You might find the extension on chrome web store. Or you can use the ‘Top Sites widget’ available in the customize section. The settings are present in bottom right hand corner.
Or use the sidebar or bookmark bar etc

If not all extensions are imported, re-download them from chrome web store. It is safe and privacy-friendly to download from chrome web store as brave proxies the connections.

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