Bookmarks featres in "New tab" configuration

Hi Everyone, this topic is neither problem/bug nor a complaint.
I’m just wondering if it would be possible, relevant and/or rather relevant to be able to have more customization options like :

  • Display a bookmark (URL(s) or whole unfolding folder(s)) instead of a just link to it in the bottom-right of the tab;
  • Display the last browsing session (instead or in addition of the most visited websites);

I’m just curious and excited of having such options when opening a new tab. If other people share, it would be great to start working on it for future versions of Brave (great browser and experience by the way :+1: ).
Thank you

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Hi @GonZo, thanks for reaching out!
Unfortunately those are not features. However if you go to brave://settings/getStarted, you can set Brave to Continue where you left off on start-up - so it opens your last browsing session.
Also when bookmarking a page, you can edit the name and enter the page’s URL.
Apologies I don’t have more to give you. Hope this helps.

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Hi Aa-ron,

Thank you for the feedback. I was aware of those settings. I was just wondering how to have more configuration options on the ‘new tab’ page.

I understand though. Thanks.

Le jeu. 9 avr. 2020 à 17:41, Aaron via Brave Community a écrit :

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