How to quickly access Chrome's Speed Dial 2 page after opening Brave

I like to see Brave’s great photos when I open the browser. And then I like my next page to be my Speed Dial 2 which I imported from Chrome, which contains my favorite sites at one glance.

As it stands now, there is a conflict between these two pages with Brave of which I can’t find a solution. If you look at ‘Settings>Get Started>On startup’ you see an option to enable ‘Open the New Tab page’. If you do nothing, on startup, you will get the nice photo page from Brave. But after that I am stuck, as I don’t see any easy way to then bring up my Speed Dial 2 page, except for one method.

And that method is to go back and enable the ‘Open the new tab page’ and then ‘Speed Dial 2 New Tab’ controls the setting (as it is now an extension which has been enabled- see image). But then that means that when I open Brave the next time I get the Speed Dial 2 page as my 1st page and not the photo page.

This is the only way I have found to see both pages and, as you can see, it is not practical. I am a brand new user (just started Brave tonight) so I am hoping that someone with more knowledge about the program could suggest a more viable solution, as my guess is that there may be others who would like the same thing as me. TIA.

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