Setting brave as default browser doesn’t work

On iPhone 12 Pro, iOS 15.1, latest version of brave browser, setting Brave as default app doesn’t open links from mail or via QR codes scanned. Setting it to Safari or Edge works. Can this be looked into please?


You are a daring fellow. I do not have the guts to set Brave Browser for iOS, to be an Apple iDevice Default Browser (my choice of words) – because, I might not be able to undo the decision, if something goes haywire?

But, the fact that you had trouble with the “Set as Default Browser” function, has not been working, ought to be brought to the attention of @Mattches .

Apologies that it took so long, before somebody else stumbled upon your discovery.

Is this issue still present?

I am having this problem now, for a couple of weeks. Iphone 13 mini.

I have been searching through other posts and seems similar experiences are common. The topics are closed so this was only option to jump in and “revive” the issue. The final response on the locked threads (w similar issues described) is typically something ab iOS restrictions for mail app links, I get it. Sometimes, there’s nothing to be done, but I have Iphone w all updates, etc etc. I do not use the mail app. I use gmail app only, and until recently, the links from my emails opened w Brave ab 99% of the time. Now, it is the opposite - and not just email links - every link from every app insists on Safari and there is no way to send the link to Brave unless manually copy and paste (safari offering no available send button tray w a option to copy) I have safari so disabled bc i want it to go away!!! The harder i push it underground, the more it insists on rearing its ugly head…Just like windows edge and ie before that. But the point is: it was all working fine not all that long ago. The only thing that has changed coinciding w the notable mostly shift in link behaviour = I have been confined to mobile data / no wifi. I dont have unlim data so i only have the essentials allowed to access mobile data. Safari is not allowed to use mobile data (per the toggle in phone settings). Do i need to allow safari to use mobile data just to complete the process of rebounding back to Brave? Anything else im missing?
Sorry for the long winded post here. Thanks for any feedback :slight_smile: