Brave in iOS - Link Opening

I know there are some issues with setting the default browser in iOS, but a number of third party apps allow you to set which browser opens web links. For example, I use the Microsoft Outlook app for email, and it gives me the option in its internal settings to open links from Outlook with Safari, Edge or Chrome. Brave is not an option, even though I have it installed. It would be good to get Brave in as many of those places as possible. I don’t know if that requires contact with each developer, or whether with something like Microsoft it’s entirely about what they consider relevant, but if it’s something as simple as making sure Brave shows up as a browser option in the OS, that would be a quick fix.


It was particularly funny trying to sign into the forum … got it to mail me the link which I opened in the gMail app which then only offered Chrome or Safari as my browsers (although I have Brave and Firefox also installed!)

Very much a bad iOS pattern (not very ‘brave’ of them!) not allowing users to control the default handlers for a number of link types and very frustrating that developers and the press just give them a pass for it (though Microsoft got hauled over the coals)

I would add this request as well. I really want to use Brave as my universal browser, but this is show stopper for me. Far too much of my workflow involves hyper linking from emails in Outlook.

I too would like to be able to open links from Outlook I’m Brabe on iOS.