Setting Brave as default browser in iOS

Description of the issue: I would like to be able to set Brave as my default browser on my iPad and iPhone. However, there is nothing in the Brave browser settings that would allow me to do this. According to The Verge, Apple hid the settings for each compatible browser/e-mail client in the App-specific settings.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Go to Settings app.
  2. Scroll down to “Brave”
  3. Try to find the “Default Browser App” option

Expected result: Being able to select Brave as my default browser.

Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.19.2 (

Mobile Device details 12.9" iPad Pro, 2020 edition running iPadOS 14.


Just confirmed this to also be the case with my iPhone (iPhone 11 Pro running iOS 14, Brave version is also 1.19.2 (


I’ve been keeping my eye on this the whole time beta testing iOS 14.

I’ve seen DuckDuckGo, Outlook then Chrome with Edge following so must be coming soon seen as chromium.

Last update was 3 weeks ago so let’s see!


Really looking forward to it! But, is Sync working yet for iOS?


This is ready and should be available in the next build when released.


Please let me know when the next build is released.

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what about syncing for ios app ?

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Yeah, what about Sync v2? When will it be available?


Did you mean the iOS 14 update (setting Brave to default browser), or the Sync for iOS is ready for the next build release? Thank you.

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No ETA yet. its still in works.

I meant the iOS 14 update but I’d like Sync v2 to be added to iOS as well.

Just read this. Hopefully they sort that out soon.


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Ooof. That’s no bueno, especially considering that they advertised the ability to choose your own default browser and mail client as a feature on the iPadOS and iOS pages… albeit, on the bottom of the pages.

It’s about time for a new release. It’s been over a month since the last one. It usually was once every two weeks. Do you have an ETA for the next release build?

Sync was already submitted to Apple from what i got from other threads, so the default browser option should be coming after that


Jesus Christ. Still no sync? Still? After all these years you haven’t done it yet? The single most important standard feature in a modern browser and your dedication to it and communication about it treats it like it’s a niche desire for the iPhone. I use bookmarks every day and I’m tired of bookmarking sites on all of my Apple devices manually. Why are other features coming out before this? Why isn’t everyone on your team dedicated to this? I contributed financially for this feature, and I’m watching other features come first like vpn. Why isn’t this a priority?


It certainly would be nice to have sync. I think we dedicated users have been waiting a long time for this but I am also waiting for Spark to sync custom mailboxes across platforms so it’s not unique.
I was a little disappointed after reading about Apple’s intention to allow users to choose default browsers in iOS14 to find after upgrading that it was limited to Chrome, DuckDuck Go and of all things Edge. Obviously they have the manpower and resources to devote to updating their apps prior to the public release of iOS14.
Lets hope it’s in the next Brave update.

Its pending Apple approval for release

It is not. Still in works.

iOS has technical challenges that takes time to solve. Not as easy as desktop/Android. We know how important the feature is and we are constantly working on getting it done on iOS so that the entire desktop/mobile ecosystem can sync seamlessly. Need to have patience to get some quality features.


We never said its not a priority. Building new things with technical challenges take time.


So, sync isn’t coming in the next Brave release? Bummer.

Apparently, to implement this, the application only needs a new entitlement:

List of entitlements:

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