Setting Brave to Default Browser on iPhone

Description of the issue:

Set Brave as default browser on iPhone. You will encounter several issues when something requires a redirection.

For example, if a web page wants to open an app, brave will bring you to the App Store instead of opening the app whereas safari opens the app.

Or, if you receive an email in the email app which contains a link to add something to Apple wallet, if you click it, brave opens and nothing happens. Try the same thing with safari and it works as expected.

Of i receive a text for a bank money transfer and I click on the link and brave opens, I can’t select my financial institution. If I open the link with safari instead it works.

I want to support brave as much as I can which I why I set it to default but with all these issues I will have to revert until it’s more compatible. I’m sure some of it is due to Apple but, in the end the brave user suffers.

Thank you.

Mobile Device details

iPhone 12 Pro 15.5

Additional Information:


Brave Browser version numbers?

@michal (Brave Support) will likely know how to assist you, when available.

Thank you!

Version 1.39 (

I just tested with Twitter, searched for twitter, and tapping on a search result opened twitter app for me,
same with Instagram

For opening Wallet it might be separate problem, i have to check it

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