Brave Rewads 2 factor login

I have unclaimed Rewards. But when I try to login to the Rewards site it requires 2 factor authentication. I don’t recall even setting up Rewards that way. At any rate, after clicking on the link in the mail I see a pg asking for my 6 digit code. I’ve only ever set up 2 factor for other apps & sites using text messaging, Google Authenticator or my Yubico key. However, none of those received any code from Brave.

Short of deleting 2 factor, is there any way to figure out which 2 factor method is being used to send the code to my mobile phone? Brave recommends using Authy, but I’m sure if I did set up 2 factor I didn’t use Authy.

You can reset your 2fa here:

There’s no way to figure out which app you used, I’m afraid.

I’m quite dissatisfied with the way 2 factor works for Rewards. Most 2 factor systems provide for alternate methods in cases like this: either using text message or codes originated and saved at the time 2 factor is established. The fact that you only offer a single method and don’t even have any way of tracking what method was used to establish 2 factor makes it useless in a case like mine.

Thanks for your feedback @richards1052 – will pass it along!

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