Good evening,

I have just turned on TOR for the first time in the Brave web browser on an old PC. However, I have no idea how to turn it off?

I really need to use this old PC to access some other websites but I can’t access these websites while TOR is running.

How do I turn it off?

Your time is appreciated.

I just had an idea:

What if I just exited the Brave web browser? Would TOR and restarted my Windows 10 PC? Would TOR still be running in the background?


How did you connect to tor?
Did you use an 1) extension or 2) ‘new private windows with tor’?
Normally, when you exit Brave in Private windows, tor is disabled. I just checked it.

Use this link to check your location

If tor is set to autostart do the folllowing
Windows button+R
Paste msconfig, then ENTER
Uncheck tor in services.
Restart your device.

Thanks for your message.

I opened TOR from within Brave by going to “New Private Windows with Tor” in the top right hand corner of Brave.

I really hope I can turn off TOR because I need to use this PC… :sleepy:

I just had an idea:

What if I uninstalled and re-installed Brave? Would this make it 100% certain that the TOR within Brave that I opened can’t turn on when I’m using another web browser like Google Chrome?


It is not necessary to uninstall Brave.
If you have estimated BATs in your wallet you are going to lose them if reinstalling Brave.

Can you try a different browser other than Chrome like Firefox. Remember Brave is designed from Chrome! Maybe that’s why tor also opens in Chrome!! I have seen posts where chrome INTERFERES with Brave. Personally my second Browser is Opera.

Apologies but I’m very confused about what’s happening here — you’re saying you opened a Private window w/Tor right? All you need to do is close that window and open a standard browsing window and you’re good to go. Tor windows are not used by default in the browser. Further if you want to turn tor off entirely, such that you can no longer open window w/Tor, go to Settings --> Extensions and toggle tor “off”:

Thanks for your message!

Yes, I opened a “TOR window” from within Brave and I do not have the TOR browser installed.

I’m just worried that Brave’s in-built TOR feature will turn on when I’m using a website that does not allow the use of TOR which would result in me being banned from the website… :sob: :sob: :sob:

Is there any other way to check if TOR is running other than this link?

Okay I just looked again and there is no service called “TOR” running in MSCONFIG but TOR is definitely running from within the Brave web browser… :frowning_face: :frowning_face: :frowning_face:

Tor service only runs when using the private windows w/tor. Again, if you want to disable this entirely, simply toggle it off in Settings as shown in my previous reply.


Forget about msconfig.
If you have installed tor as an extension just do what Mattches said.

Thanks for your messages!

I just want to know for 100% certainty that Brave can’t start the built-in TOR inside Brave when I’m not running Brave? For example, if I was using Microsoft Edge or Firefox, could Brave start TOR and change my ip address in the other browsers?

Sorry to be asking this but I just want to make sure :cry: :cry: :cry:

No it does not work like that.


You can check that Edge or Firefox do not use tor, by opening this site
If you see your location, than tor does not start with Edge or Firefox.

In summary, you can use tor in brave while the other browsers are not affect by tor. I just checked this.

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tor is a nice browser

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