Start Brave without tor.exe


Is there a way to open brave without opening tor.exe? My employer has flagged brave because tor.exe executes. I have to uninstall and switch to IE/Chrome if I can not start the browser without running tor.exe.

Thanks for the help.


In the next release, we are going to make Brave execute it only if it is going to be used, e.g. if you open a private tab with Tor:


@billrob If you upgrade, Brave 0.29.31 won’t execute tor.exe or talk to the Tor network unless you open a private tab with Tor. Can you give it a try?


It looks good. I’ll come back to you if my network security ops team sees anything else. A lot of people are going to be happy about this. Thanks for fixing quickly.

I do see version 23.31, so that might be a typo on your part.


@billrob Yes, sorry, I meant 0.23.31.


The last updated solved all my corporate issues. Thanks for delivering!


Thanks for reporting back @billrob - going to close this thread out. Please open new ones for any other issues/questions/requests. :slight_smile:


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