Can I Disable TOR Browser?

Hello. I’m just wondering if the Brave browsers (any version) are able to disable the TOR browser ability? I have DNS filters so my kids can’t get to things I don’t want them to, but the TOR browser completely gets around all of it. Can I Disable this feature? Thanks!

You can disable it by navigating to brave://settings/extensions > Toggle Tor off.

This may help too

Thx. But, I guess there’s no way to keep someone from re-enabling it?

I’m not familiar with Group Policy :point_up: @Illphate

I don’t know anything about group policy either but, I’m on Linux. So, if there’s anything to be inferred from Windows I wouldn’t know the first thing about implementing it. Thank you though.

Follow these steps from this post. I was able to accomplish it using a Windows 10.

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