Sending links between synced devices does not work at all

Sending from my desktop to my android - nothing happens.
sending from my android to my desktop - nothing happens.

sync chain is fine and passwords/bookmarks sync fine.

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so this not happening to anyone else ?

Am I the only one that finds interesting stuff on the go and wants to send to desktop pc for later reading ?
Help, anyone ?

Too bad your superpower can’t fix browsers. Heheh. :wink:

No seriously, I’m messing with the same feature right now and having the same issue. When trying a send/share from Android 11 to macOS 10.15.7, nothing happens on the mac. As for the other direction, I don’t even see a share/send option on the mac.

All other items appear to be syncing OK.

PS- I’ve been using Pushbullet for this purpose for years. It works well, but I was hoping maybe I could dump it for this feature. I’ve ignored the share “tabs” option since Brave Sync v2, cause I assumed the tabs would always be shared across devices --which I do NOT want–, but if I can simply send what I do want to share, that would make me happy.

In hours since my prior post, I now have a “Send to Google Phone” option in my Brave right-click menu in macOS. To send a tab, it took about 30 seconds for the notification to hit the phone.

As for Android to macOS, that still isn’t working. However, open tabs on the Android are now visible within Brave’s history menu on macOS.

I also have problems with this feature. My sync chain is properly set up, but no devices are showing up when I want to share a page from my android phone to my windows laptop. I have always used pushbullet for this, but it would be nice if it’s baked in in the browser because pushbullet is not one of the first options in the list and I always have to go looking for it.