Send links to phone and vice versa


A simple button or key combination that can send the currently open tab in the synced phone or devices. It may give the list of devices that have been listed to sync and then the user can choose which device.


This feature usually comes through some third party software or in the case of Mozilla Firefox it is inbuilt. Would love to see this feature in this. It is a major productivity booster and is appreciated by a lot.

We can even add some more things like pasting clipboard on another device or send some file.


I think this could come with the normal “tab sync”-feature and maybe some kind of folders for open tabs.

The folder structure (derived from the “new page overview”) on any open client could be:

  • Open tabs on mobile devices
  • Open tabs on desktop devices

With this you could easily send tabs to the other devices open tabs folder.

Would be a nice feature, +1!

I added my ideas to the GitHub Issue:

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