Syncing open tabs

Syncing open tabs. The feature already exists for desktop and android, but is not on iOS. It would make my transitioning over to Brave as my main browser much simpler.


All hands for this feature


syncing open tabs would be very nice, and perhaps full history syncing as well

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Posting to keep this topic alive. I use this feature all the time on my macbook with my iphone in Safari. I would like to switch over to Brave full time on both but this is a barrier.


Agree. The Sync Tabs feature is highly likely to be used by people who are moving between a computer and a phone. Some people have multiple computers, but I’d think that far more are likely to have a computer and a phone, so Sync Tabs on the phone would seem a high priority, to my mind.


Dont get excited, I have this feature active Mac to Android and it flat out has never worked and IMO never will. Note, my bookmarks did sync but open tabs? Not once as of today 20220301. Even if I right click on the tab and select send to Samsung option (my paired sync device) it does not work.

After so much frustration with Safari iCloud tabs not working, I thought I’d give Brave a try. However, it seems this feature never got off the ground. I can see a “Open tabs” toggle on desktop, so it looks like tabs will only sync between computers (I only have the one iMac so I can’t test). iOS only shows bookmarks and history.

Open tabs works with android as well

I really like being able to share an open tab with other devices. All other browsers like Firefox, Chrome etc. can share open tabs across all platforms. I’m using it in Firefox and it is very very useful.

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This is a must have feature, all other browsers have it already!!

As second choice a “send to synced device” feature would be nice.


It’s 2022….and I still can’t have the “recently closed taps” feature…?:face_with_monocle:

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Any update on this please?

Came on the beta channel (iOS) yesterday

So should be in the stable release in a few weeks I would of thought

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Since it was introduced, It seems to work very well.

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