My verified mobile Brave wallet linked to Uphold not showing tokens on Uphold account

I have received BAT token from ads in my mobile browser linked to Uphold account. But the BAT tokens shown in mobile browser is not visible in my Uphold account. I have synced my mobile and desktop 2 months before. Till my uphold account is not showing the tokens received in my mobile.

Well, the reason is because wallet verification (connecting to Uphold account) is not supported for mobile yet.

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@eljuno - there is option in brave nightly for android to verify wallet, never tried it so cant confirm if is functional already

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My mobile account is also verified to my Uphold Account. But still it is not shown in my Uphold account

This one @gnoeee :point_up::sweat_smile:

Not yet supported. You can’t connect your Rewards wallet on mobile to Uphold account yet.

But it’s coming.


Heya, thanks for the responses as yes, the browser doesn’t make that clear. I’ve been stalking this topic for a few months now haha.

So, if I just keep earning the BAT for now, I’ll be able to transfer it to my existing Uphold wallet in due course?

@ra_ra latest version for Android 1.10.x already have this feature. Click BAT triangle icon at URL bar for the option.

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Amazing, thanks! I’ve just done it and it appears to have worked.

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