Send all of my open tabs from PC to PC

I have upgraded the hard drive on my computer but I didn’t want to lose any open tabs so I have started a sync chain. I have started the chain on the old hard drive, booted my computer from the new hard drive, connected to the chain, booted it again from the old hard drive, went over all of my open tabs, sent them one by one to the other “device”, and booted my computer again from the new drive, but when I opened brave I only saw one message about a tab that was sent.

This issue can be reproduced by:

  1. Adding two computers to a sync chain.
  2. Turning one of them off.
  3. Sending multiple open tabs from the other one to it.
  4. Turning it on and opening brave on it.

Expected result:
I would like to have an option to open all of the tabs that were sent to my device since Brave was last closed on it (or since I’ve last closed a Brave pop-up) in one action, or better, an option to send all of my open tabs together to another device.
Also, if there is an option to see all of the tabs that were sent to my device in the current Brave version it will help me a lot.

I am using Brave version 1.35.103 Chromium: 98.0.4758.102 (Official Build) (64-bit) on the new drive and probably a somewhat earlier version on the old drive. I don’t know what version it is exactly and I need to reboot my computer to check it.

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The same kind of sync like FF or Vivaldi. It’d be an excellent addition.