Open Tabs added to Brave Sync

I have an idea for Brave Sync: already-open tabs are added to the sync chain, so when you add a new PC to the sync chain, all the tabs that were open on the first PC automatically open on the second. This would be very helpful to a lot of people (like me) who keep quite a few tabs open and don’t want to have to manually find and email session files every time they want to switch computers.

An extension of this: all tabs are added to the sync chain as they are opened. This might use a lot of bandwidth, so it would make a little more sense to have it as an option on the sync settings page, like a “live sync” toggle that tells brave to be constantly looking for changes to the sync profile and local profile, and constantly push and pull those changes, much like Handoff on a Mac. I realize that this isn’t very well expressed, so feel free to ask any clarifying questions.

In the meantime, does anyone know how to find the session file on a windows 10 PC?

This feature is already present. Tabs from other browsers will appear and can be opened in Menu --> History (note that I currently do not have any open tabs on my other device):