Send a bat tip to the YouTube channel

I want to tip my YouTube channel but I’m afraid that if my BAT payment will be suspended again, what should I do?Screenshot_20190712-062304 Screenshot_20190712-062217 Screenshot_20190712-061716

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I’d differ to Occam’s razor on this one – best way to avoid getting flagged for that is to simply not do it :slight_smile:

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so I can’t send a tip to my YouTube channel?

We understand that some users will want to try and test out the system before diving into it fully – we generally let cases like this slide, especially when the amount is small. That said, I would not recommend this method of testing more than once – and even that is at your own risk.

We take fraudulent publisher cases very seriously – as I said, the best way to avoid getting flagged for this type of activity is to abstain from it all together.

as you know, my channel account has been established for over 1 year.
I don’t cheat in getting Brave tokens and Brave gets access to my YouTube activities. if any suspicious activity can be seen? for example the tip tips use the same gadget tool but only have 1 Brave application on my smartphone.

I do not understand that even my friends like me get payment tokens every month.

please help me.


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