Would know tip a youtube channel

hello brave community!

concerning the tip in bat,
I would like to know how to send a tip to a channel youtube and not to youtube directly?

I’m acting in the world of cryptocurrency, on videos YT, site, FB ect and I’m doing a full video for France on the BRAVE browser.
(which is great by the way, big project)

I understood how we pay a site, that, no worries, but not how we compensate a youtuber,
thank you to enlighten me.

other question, people ask me when the final version of BRAVE or they can touch tokens for with or without ads will be available

I hope you can enlighten me on these questions
thanks by avance and long life to you (y)

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Hi @west21,
Welcome to the community :wave:

If you’re using Brave 0.56.x and higher, clicking BAT icon in URL bar will give you option to tip YouTube channel.

0.56.x version is the current stable release version that already available now via brave.com/download . If you asking about when Brave hit v1.0, then I’ve no ETA for that.

And Brave Ads is not released yet. It’s still in testing phase. Last time I heard, it’s planned to arrived before eoy.


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