Self-custodial wallet for the Philippines

I reside in the Philippines. What self-custodial wallet can I use? Uphold says it is not available in my region. Gemini is only for the US. And bitFly is only for Japan.

Brave can’t / won’t ever allow to use self custodial wallet for rewards. That is due to rules & regulations.

@RMN0309 I believe you may have used wrong terminology since you mentioned Uphold, Gemini, etc. Those are not self custody wallets but are custodial, meaning they essentially own the wallet and you just use it to store your cryptocurrencies. Self custody means you have your seed phrase and all, essentially you’re in 100% ownership and control.

When it comes to Rewards, they require you use a custodial partner that has a contract with Brave. Currently there are none that are permitting Philippines right now. Brave has been in negotiations to try to add new partners, but things haven’t been going smoothly. Especially with a lot of the big issues surrounding crypto and changing government regulations.

So yeah, if speaking of Rewards, nothing can be done. If you truly are asking about self custody wallet, you can use Brave Wallet to send, store, swap, etc. You just can’t use it to receive Rewards

I did not mention that Uphold, Gemini, bitFly are self custody wallets. It is clear that I said “self-custodial” and not "self-custody:. Anyways, thanks for the reply. At least now I know that the Philippines has no self-custodial wallet available at the moment.

Thanks a lot. I think this gonna be a setback for Brave in the Philippines. The reason why many Filipinos are using Brave rather than Chrome or other browsers is that Brave offers incentives and that is the BAT coin. If Brave cannot offer a custodial wallet for the Philippines at the soonest, many will go back to Chrome and other browsers and I believe it will lose ground in this country.

Self = you, yourself. Meaning you maintain possession of assets and are the only one with access.

For Rewards it requires custodial, meaning they maintain possession of your assets and you essentially have to ask permission to have access to your funds.

Self custodial = non-custodial. You can see that at places like

So you’re trying to be argumentative for no reason. As I tried educating you before, you’re using the wrong terminology. Please try to research a bit when someone tries to inform you of something, don’t just snap back as if you know you’re right.

Therefore this is incorrect. You have Brave Wallet as self-custodial , among other things.

You’re asking about custodial wallet partners so you can participate in Rewards and earn BAT.

Chances are won’t happen. Philippines and Vietnam were removed long before other countries due to excessive fraud. When asked about Philippines, Brave has never answered positively as they have with India and other countries. While they have not said Philippines won’t ever be added, I do know they have hinted that the country is low priority and they are uncertain when, or if, it they will ever add the country again

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