Rewards Redemption Not Available in my country

hello, I am from India and I am unable to withdraw my brave rewards because gemini and uphold, both are not available in my country.
I would request BRAVE to kindly join hands with some self custodian wallet so that I and other millions like me from my country would be able to withdraw their funds. And in turn, this will motivate more users to join brave.

Even if they do start to send rewards in self custodians, they’ll still require to do KYC / AML somehow. That’s because of regulations

They are working on getting India back ASAP. Don’t know the specifics but they say India is top priority. Probably after holidays we’ll have some updates.

they can partner with already available custodians in India like binance, kucoin , coindcx etc.

If you want exchanges to partner, then write to them. Brave is always looking forward to increase the Custodian wallet providers

If Brave, which is One of the top 10 browsers approaches a crypto custodian , it is not possible in any way that they are going to reject it. I, as an individual, does not matter. But Brave, as a Browser, matters a lot and it will increase their user base as well. So it has to be done by Brave , not me.

What they have said in community calls repeatedly is that →
The process of dealing with a custodian is more complicated than the users may realise. Thats because, there are always terms & conditions which need to be met from both ends. Also there’s a lot of undisclosed info. and Behind The Scenes contracts ( My personal opinion )

ofcourse there are hidden terms and conditions which only organisations understand… but it is their headache how they want to deal with this… As an end user, I am interested in the fact that I have earned more than 53 BAT tokens and unable to verify them… At least they should give an option like backup to safely secure my earnings… otherwise one browser uninstall can wash away my all earnings…

Yep, they’re working on having a back up option. The rewards will be integrated into the Brave Wallet I guess, but you’ll still need to connect to Gemini / Uphold to withdraw out of Brave. But like that will atleast help store BAT safely. Now, in Nightly they’ve made changes such that only verified profiles will be able to earn BAT, unverified profiles will not show any current earnings. That goes to stable release in February or something. Let’s see!

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