Select the PRECISE folder to download files to

New user of the Brave here. I browse and post on various discussion sites and image boards, which requires me to also download and post numerous files a day.
For this, I have made a very detailed folder structure on my SD card, with numerous sub-folders per each category or theme. I would like to be able to select into which corresponding folder to download stuff from the net, rather than into the default “Download” folder in the root.

This functionality was available on the Opera browser, which literally lets you choose not only to which storage unit to save the file to (internal / external), but also select the very sub-folder within said device. The “download to…” selection appears very similar to the file upload pop-up. Brave so far only lets me select either Internal memory or SD-card + rename the file before downloading, but not dig any deeper into the storage media.

I would like to use this browser similar to a desktop browser, and select into which folder to download files into, every time. Seeing how the other Chromium-based competitors can do this, I trust that Brave also can be tweaked to enable such action