Save as PDF won't save to sd card

I’m using Brave 1.52.130, Chromium 114.0.5735.198

Android 13 on a Samsung A32 5G.

I’m new to Brave, and configuring settings to save webpages, using Share>Print to my sd card.

First problem is that, in Brave settings, I have no granularity to select the folder to save downloads; I can only select “internal” or “Sd card”. Then, having set my download settings to ask each time for save destination, I can choose one of “Download” or Internal. Download happens to be assigned (where? From download setting?) to a “downloads” folder on my sd card. When I try to save it there, it gives an error.

The sd card is not new or unformatted; I’ve been using it on the phone for months to store files.

Here’s a link to a screen recording that shows the interaction.

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