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how difficult is it to add a setting to ad viewing that will allow you to click on ads in private mode? :thinking: I see that it will become very much in the spirit of the idea of ​​the browser brave :+1:

Can I make it so that I can watch ads in a private tab?

This is not likely a feature we will add. Brave believes that user’s private browsing sessions should remain private — this type of information should/will not be included in data used to serve relevant ads.

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I assumed that only following the link matters, but personally I still delete the data at each end of the session. therefore, I can’t understand how the data that the advertiser’s site collects in one session can help him in the next session, because it will turn out to be clean.

You can read about how information is anonymously collected to show you relevant ads here:

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I use private mode and still see ads. if I choose to show non-relevant ads, why can’t I also watch these ads in private mode? you just need to make a link from the ad leading to a private tab. I don’t see any contradictions if I choose an irrelevant display mode. maybe it’s not such a useless idea? maybe you can take a closer look at it?

this will give me more freedom of choice and if it does not require you to significantly increase the amount of browser code and change many points in standard contracts, then why not? I don’t think that for all advertisers it’s critical whether a user comes in private mode or not, it’s important that the user sees the ad, isn’t it?

It does matter quite a bit actually. I hear what you’re saying, but I can only tell you what I know. And right now I know that this particular feature is not being considered and may not ever be considered.

Thank you.

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