Seen 455 Brave ads so far this month, still seeing ads regularly, but 0 estimated BAT rewards

Good luck @benwhut

Same thing happened to me. Use the Beta version until the problem is solved.
I’ll keep an eye on the progress.

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I am having a very similar problem. The only difference is that my Brave Rewards show 0 BAT AND 0 ads viewed. However, if I go to the history it shows all the ads that I viewed.

I’m also seeing ads, see my ad history, but have 0 accumulated BAT rewards

@Mattches Same thing happening over here. Received hundreds of April ads and no payments here or in Uphold yet, and it says I had “No Activity” in April. And it also says I have “No Activity” in May but have received 6 ads so far. Obviously the April one is more concerning. What’s going on? Will the payouts for April occur on May 5?

Does the Beta version show the ads received and the estimated BAT payout properly?

Regarding April payouts:

Yes, everything seems to work properly… for now.

Let me know if you experience the same thing.

So how is that “Brave Software International” took away my 0.25 BAT from my Uphold wallet?
Does anyone know the reason or someone from Brave Rewards?.. Cheers!

I just installed the Brave Browser Beta and linked my uphold wallet. So far in the beta version, I’ve received 2 ads and the estimated rewards is 0.030 BAT. It works! Way better than the 450+ ads I received in the non-beta with 0.00 BAT rewards.

But I don’t think there’s a way for me to see my past estimated rewards right? Like the ones from last month and anything up until I installed this beta version?

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I don’t have an answer about the past rewards, but I tried your fix on my Mac since I had seen 300+ ads last month with 0 BAT in return. However, Brave Beta for Mac instantly crashes whenever I try to run it. I’m really curious to find a solution to this, especially since it seems that so many others have been dealing with a similar issue.

It’s also my concern here. 300+ ads for nothing the past month.

@steeven told me they are investigating the problem. It might take a bit of time though.

I think they are investigating how they are going to make all these payouts. I am missing 7 months worth.

My only point here is that they keep saying April 5th payments are delayed, but they are not talking about all the other people reporting several months missing.

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This is the most common issue that they haven’t been able to address. They even close threads about it. There is barely any payouts compared to it around 12 months ago and they try and tell us nothing has changed. It’s garbage.
I also transferred about 35 BAT from my iPad to my desktop account and it’s magically disappeared. No surprises. Everywhere you turn, BAT tokens are magically disappearing one way or another.


Not sure if this helps but I just got a payment notification from Brave. Looks like it just paid out the ad earnings on my Mac but not my PC since I use Brave on both and usually get two payments. I’m still waiting to see if the other payment shows up (I’ll update if it does), so hopefully the issue is just a UI error showing the 0 BAT estimation for the month.

UPDATE: I got two payments, but despite seeing a similar amount of ads the month before, the payout’s been drastically reduced (like by more than 50%). Seems to be confirmed that it’s a UI error but the BAT drop threw me for a loop.

Was this ever resolved? I’m having the exact same issue on one of my computers. 120 ads but zero estimated pending rewards.

Still waiting on my 35BAT that was transferred from my iOS device a few weeks ago. I don’t think I’ll ever see it and this is their end game. People giving up. I’ve gone back to using Chrome. No point using something that doesn’t do what it says.

Update :

Payout received yesterday.
Though I’m now facing the same old issues with the beta version. I’m no longer receiving ads and sponsored images don’t pay me a dime. Just did a fresh install of the stable version. I’ll see how things evolve in the long run.

An update also from the original post:

I received 5.09 BAT payout on May 8th, I’m assuming this is for the ~460 ads that I received last month. This amount appears to be much lower than what I previously received. I guess they have reduced the amount paid now (is this due to increased users using Brave?). Just wanted to report that I did receive a payout even though my Brave Browser is consistently saying I’ve earned 0.00 BAT.


Awesome glad it worked out! I figured it was just some minor problem and you’d get paid and you did! As for getting less than expected, yeah it has something to do with the actual value of Basic Attention Token. Seems like the more it is worth, the less the ad payout is… You’d think it would be the other way around, but Idk much about stocks and whatnot. I’m sure people have already explained a great explanation on this and would love to see it.

Great news!

Also, ads are back again in beta and stable version. Pop-ups looks ugly in the beta version.

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