Security Concerns with i9 Laptop Using Brave Browser: Seeking Assistance

Greetings Brave Community,

I’m encountering some troubling security issues while using my i9 laptop specifically with the Brave browser. Despite taking numerous precautions and maintaining regular security checks, I’ve noticed a few alarming occurrences that I can’t seem to resolve.

Here are the issues I’m facing:

Unexpected Redirects: While browsing, I’ve been redirected to suspicious websites without any prompt or action on my part. These redirects seem to happen randomly and only when using Brave.

Possible Phishing Attempts: I’ve received several prompts that resemble phishing attempts, urging me to provide personal information or download unknown files while using Brave. This has made me quite cautious about continuing to use the browser.

Unexplained Account Activity: There have been instances where I’ve noticed unusual activities within some of my accounts right after using Brave. It’s concerning as I’ve never experienced such issues with other browsers.

I’ve tried various troubleshooting steps, including clearing cache and cookies, updating the browser to the latest version, and running extensive security scans, but the issues persist.

Has anyone else encountered similar security challenges while using Brave on an i9 laptop? If so, what steps did you take to mitigate these issues? Are there any specific settings or additional security measures that might address these concerns?

Your insights and recommendations would be immensely helpful in resolving these security issues. Thank you in advance for your assistance!

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