Brave 0.70.121 - DoH

As Brave is currently using some new features from Chromium/Chrome (like the Tab Hover Cards feature), i’d like to know if the DNS-Over-HTTPS (DoH) Trial is already enabled (and how to use it) and what brave community and dev team think about it.

Recently i read in this article:


Centralised DoH is currently a privacy net negative since anyone that could see your metadata can still see your metadata when DNS is moved to a third party. Additionally, that third party then gets a complete log per device of all DNS queries, in a way that can even be tracked across IP addresses.

Even if further privacy leaks are plugged, DoH to a third party remains at best a partial solution, one that should not be relied upon as a serious security layer, since it will be hard to plug everything, especially if non-CDN content providers survive.

Encrypting DNS is good, but if this could be done without involving additional parties, that would be better.

So i’d like your opinion about it.

I already asked Brave and Vivaldi teams about this. Maybe this article will be useful.

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I found this option… It seems to be easier.


But i’m still looking for opinions about that feature :wink:

What service will the browser use then? Google maybe?
This is not Cloudflare’s You can check it here.

As fas as i know, google will try to promove DoH if your DNS provider allow it. While Firefox only use Cloudfare, Google will use any provider as long it supports DoH. I checked with that config i mentioned, and it worked.

It means we need a manual. People always want to have a simple solution.

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