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In poking around on a forum dedicated to the alternative firmware I run on my router, I discovered something about the internet that makes me quite a bit concerned: people can see my searches based on DNS lookups. They are sent largely in the clear, or are unobfuscated. I consider that a potential breach of my privacy.
So someone there (on that forum) took it upon themselves to give everyone the ability to keep those DNS lookups private, and have posted a script for users of that hardware to start using DNS over TLS (DoT) resolvers, which (as I understand it) add a level of privacy to every pageload.
Seeing as brave is predicated on privacy, is that something that could be built into the browser for people who don’t have the capability to protect their privacy with a router/server?

Here’s what I’m talking about:

Using it with a VPN would be optimal, it seems.



DNS over HTTPS is already on our roadmap: https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/issues/1864 .



Silly me for not checking github before the community site.

EDIT: I’ve added the cloudflare quad1 app to my iphone (using DoH, but DoT is selectable as well), and it makes a difference in speed for sure. also added stubby to my desktop, and I’m finding the same result.
This will be a good addition to brave, especially on mobile, as it will likely have a positive effect on battery life, I think. my experience the past day on less than blazing wifi and fairly good 4G has been that this seems to be the case.


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