When we will get doh and dot

Hello everyone

is there any schedule to get DOT and DOH feature any time soon

for linux it’s does not show up even in the experiment flag

thanks and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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I think a browser that defends the interests of users for privacy is simply obliged to provide such support on all platforms, including linux, but for some reason this is not. my provider still reads traffic in this browser, but does not read it in firefox. I want to quickly get the DoH and DoT in this browser the same way, and feel good going to this page and seeing the answer Yes and Yes :slight_smile:

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u have info about it?

unfortunately nope

but this link you provided does not replay with yes when i use firefox while i use doh but no t with

i think it fake test

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firefox have doh support but brave not have. is true test!

i interesting this questions @Asad u can say when and how long time need ur team for it? and u do it now or is no important? thanks