Brave and Windows Custom DNS


I’ve recently started using Brave as my main browser, I’m really enjoying it after switching from Chrome but there is a bug that makes it nearly unusable at times. I use NextDNS, it blocks ads and trackers at the DNS level and Brave for me does the rest with ensuring that the residue and what can’t be blocked through DNS gets thoroughly filtered.

But the main issue is that every time I open Brave the browser freezes for 30-40 seconds syncing with the Windows Custom DNS settings, I also had something similar with Chrome but it only happened once on boot and unless a complete system reboot happened it worked perfectly, but with Brave, if I close all my tabs and open another session it happens again and again and it’s quite irritating at times.

Just wanted to report this as I’ve just installed and I’m on the latest version, as far as troubleshooting goes the second I turn off Custom DNS on Windows it works flawlessly, I don’t want to use the NextDNS app or use it just on Brave as why not filter the whole device and why use software when it’s built into the OS so if this could be fixed it would be absolutely perfect, thank you guys for an amazing browser and I hope it can be fixed.

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