Search Suggestions Will Not Go Away

Description of the issue:
I have the “Show Search Suggestions” toggle off, however, I still have my history and bookmarks suggestions showing up. I actually don’t mind having the browser in use suggest popular searches, but the reason I turned the suggestions off is because I don’t want my bookmarks or my history showing up when I search. I have bookmarked certain sites that may appear as concerning to someone who doesn’t understand why I’m using them, which makes it very challenging to use brave in a group setting, or allow someone else to search for something on my phone. For the same reasons I don’t want my history to appear either, in fact I would have history recording turned off if that was an option, it’s becoming very annoying to have to manually delete it. The reason I don’t use private mode for this purpose is because it auto clears all tabs when it closes, whether by crashing, closing the app, or even if I just need to simply look at a non-private tab for a second. Private mode is incredibly unreliable, because of this and how often it crashes just from overloaded operation.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Have History and/or Bookmarks.
  2. Have the Show Suggestions toggle switched off.
  3. Have a need for the toggle to actually work.

Expected result:
Interpretation 1: History/Bookmark suggestions remain when searching.
Interpretation 2: Developers resolve this issue.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Version 1.14.2

Mobile Device details
iPhone 7+, ios 13.3.1

Additional Information:

Still waiting for info on this, I haven’t found any other discussion that touched on this specifically.
Hoping to keep this alive until something changes.

Search suggestion is only for search engine queries. There is no way to disable it for bookmarks and history at the moment, I create a ticket with feature request for it

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